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Learn How To Take Long-Term Building Time Lapse Photos

JPEG against RAW: The guide to choose the best photo format for long-term construction timelapse.

We are sure that you will agree with us - competitors make the world a more incredible and interesting place. Where would we be and what would we do without Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola, Marvel vs. DC Comics, Canon vs. Nikon, and JPEG vs. RAW.

In this article, we will compare the unique advantages of each of these formats, and what each of them can offer you in your next project of shooting construction in a long-term timelapse.

Choosing the best Digital single-lens reflex camera for Long-Term construction timelapse

Everybody definitely want the high quality photos, so does this fact lead to the buying the Canon 5D Mark IV with L-series glass, or a Nikon D850 with a Sigma Art Series lens?

Read this article to learn what to consider when choosing the best camera and lens to make your long-term construction timelapse project incredible.

Ten mistakes, which amateur photographers must avoid in long-term construction timelapse.

If you are at the beginner level in any type of timelapse shooting, your road must be thorny and full of unexpected moments.

You do not have to be an international expert in timelapse when starting your first project. However, if you get into important details and requirements, it can help you to escape from common troubles, create an exciting and quality product and make your client satisfied.

To provide you an easy start, here is a guide for beginners, where we tell you about ten common mistakes made by newbie photographers while creating the timelapse shootings.

Follow our guide to feel like a professional in your job.

8 advices to the amateur about the Long-Term Construction Timelapse

To be successful in making timelapse projects, you must know how to do many things and the main of them is planning.

If you miss one of the construction steps, you don’t get a chance to fix it.

However, with the strict plan you will forget about awkward moments and embarrassing conversations with clients.

We brought together 8 tips, which will help you while planning a project.

Timebox Project Planning

Planing TimeLapse Here is a short list of things to consider when you are planning your ultralong term timelapse project. If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us. Contact us Timebox Model Depending on the conditions on the site and depending on the need for external storage for RAW shooting,

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